Cornell College Esports team lending a hand to coronavirus researchers

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MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (KCRG) - Cornell College’s ESports team in Mount Vernon is done for the school year because of the coronavirus, but the competitive video game team is still putting its computers to good use.

The team has 12 esports computers not being used right now. So they are donating their clock cycles or the processing power from the computers to coronavirus researchers.

The clock cycles will go to a global network of PC’s to form a supercomputer. Researchers will use the supercomputer to simulate COVID-19 proteins. That can help them learn more about the virus as far as treating and curing it.

The computers gamers are using will be a big help because they run pretty fast.

Esports Coach Mayson Sheehan says his athletes were excited about helping out researchers. He teaches them that there is life outside of video games.

“We’re looking to reach out to the larger Mount Vernon community, and you know as far as we can and help out wherever we can,” said Sheehan. “Even just helping out outside of the arena is important for me right. One of my main objectives as the program director for Esports is to not have my kids get holed up in the arena and that’s the only place they’re at.”

Coach Sheehan says the clock cycles will be donated as long as they're needed.

Cornell’s esports team started last year.