Cone Zone: Iowa City Gateway Project Update

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A $42 million Iowa City Gateway Project is one more step closer to being complete.

Park Road Bridge is finally open, which means that people can drive to Hancher Auditorium or Kinnick Stadium from Dubuque Street.

In the coming weeks, crews will continue paving the southbound lanes on Dubuque Street and they'll work on adding a left turn lane onto Park Road Bridge.

North and southbound lanes on Dubuque Street are now elevated and are currently down to one lane each direction.

On Park Bridge Road two westbound lanes are open and one eastbound lane is open.

Crews are working on the retaining wall and finishing up the Iowa River Trail.

The city says traffic is slow since crews are still working on lane configuration on Dubuque Street.

In the next few weeks, they want to add a turn lanes to help traffic flow more smoothly.

"We'll have a right turn lane and a left turn lane at Park Road so that will help efficiency in the morning especially with everyone coming in from Dubuque to turn on Park Road Bridge and hopefully clear them out and keep people moving and getting to work," says Melissa Clow, the Special Project Administrator for Iowa City.

The bridge and roads were elevated on Dubuque Street so the road wouldn't have to shut down due to flooding.

The last time the city was forced to reroute traffic and close Dubuque Street was back in 2014.

The city tells us they're planning to have all lanes on Dubuque Street open in the next four to six weeks.