Community shows support for injured Iowa State Patrol Trooper

Published: Dec. 19, 2019 at 5:47 PM CST
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People are coming together to support an injured Iowa State Patrol Trooper. On December seventh, Jared Rude was on some scaffolding doing work at his home when it collapsed, and he fell to the ground.

He suffered extensive injuries, including a brain bleed, a broken temporal bone, fractured facial bones, and some broken bones on his vertebrae.

Jared Rude has been a trooper for seven years.

“Jared is the type of officer and trooper that any law enforcement officer would want to work with,” said Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx. “He's the guy that you want backing you up on a hot call.”

Rude followed in the same career path as his dad, Gregg, who was also a trooper. His dad is semi-retired and is a deputy at the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office.

Jared's wife, Amanda, knows just how dangerous a career in law enforcement can be. She has support through others in the law enforcement network, like her friend Holly Benda, who is also a trooper's wife.

“You realize the dangers every day when they go off to work, they can get hit on the side of the road, they can get shot at, it is scary,” said Benda.

When Jared got hurt at home, it was a shock.

“It's very dangerous to do his job, and unfortunately he got injured at home doing something that many people do every day,” said Amanda.

“I think it made us realize how quickly life can change, and how fast things can happen,” Benda said.

In the past weeks, those friends and family have been right there, helping out with whatever's needed.

“Law enforcement is like a large family,” said Amanda. “They've been supportive ever since the accident happened.”

“It makes all of us, I think, step back, and realize how blessed we are to work and serve in a community where people really do take care of each other, and help each other in their time of need,” said Marx. “We really do have a family here in Winneshiek County.”

Helping the Rudes take one day at a time.

“The community and our family and our friends have been amazing to us, and they've been so supportive,” Amanda said.

The community is also raising money for the family.

There's a Go-Fund-Me account set up at

Or, donations can be sent to Decorah Bank and Trust, In care of the Jared Rude recovery fund, PO Box 380.