Clinton firefighter Adam Cain says "I'm home" as he returns to work

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 4:58 AM CDT
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Wednesday marked Clinton firefighter Adam Cain's first day back in uniform since January's blast at an ADM grain silo.

"I'm home, I'm back with the guys, it feels good," Cain told KCRG's sister station KWQC.

The blast left Cain severely injured and took the life of another firefighter Lieutenant Eric Hosette.

In February both of his arms were restricted in one way or another. But with "time and physical therapy and I'm free of all contraptions," Cain said. "I get to put long sleeves on, on the cold days and just no restrictions, sleep normal, get to live a way more normal life."

Cain is still undergoing physical therapy.

"My left elbow, it's still locked up in that contraption for a pretty long time and I have extra boney growth so I can't stretch it so working on keeping it strong so I don't dislocate it again," he said.

The helmet he wore is frayed along the edges, covered in black with layers of it peeled back. The nameplate remains intact.

"It's crazy but it obviously did its job, I don't know how long I wore it because the buckle's broken," he said holding the charred lone strap between his fingertips.

Coworkers said they're proud of Cain for his recovery and happy to see him back at the station on "light duty."

Chief Mike Brown said Cain won't be going on calls but will be helping with inspections around the station or events happening with the public.

"Being around people and coming to work. hopefully, that will encourage him to get better faster," the chief said.

Cain said he always knew this day was going to come.

"I didn't think it was going to come as fast as it did, but I am grateful that it did," he said.

Through the witty banter, laughs and teasing remarks it's clear these firefighters are happy Adam is back.

"It's like the brotherhood is full again and we can give him a hard time whenever we want," says firefighter and paramedic Ryan Ries.

Cain said he's most looking forward to coming back onto full duty and working his respective shift and doing shift work with the guys.