Clayton County Fair finds new source for entertainment

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Clayton County Fair is expected to bring in thousands of people.

However, the fair this year may look a little different than those in years past.

Organizers of a popular eastern Iowa fair were forced to scramble after the business in charge of the carnival rides pulled out due to "financial reasons."

With only a month before the fair opens, the fair was in danger of having nothing in the wide open space, aside from the green grass.

After board members asked for help on the Facebook for the Clayton County Fair, they were able to bounce back and find a replacement- a small inflatable business from Colesburg called "Tough Entertainment."

Organizers like Mark Troester, the Clayton County Board President, said the situation was not ideal, but once again, the community came out strong.

"We're like one big family up here," Troester said. "When something goes down, everybody volunteers quick and comes together and helps out. And this is one thing we've experienced throughout the years and it's a great liability we have up here with everybody volunteering and jumping in and helping."

Tiffany Landon, co-owner of Tough Entertainment, said helping out at the eleventh hour was an easy decision- for one big reason: her family.

Landon said her family goes every year, and she thought it was important to make sure her children and the others were kept entertained.

Prior to Tough Entertainment stepping in to offer their services, board members like Troester said they were concerned they would not find a solution fast enough.

"You're worried, because you've got to get something lined up to try to satisfy everybody," Troester said. "It's a big task, it's a hard task. Personally, I feel better now that we've got something to entertain the kids."

Now that a new form of entertainment has been found, Troester said he is relieved, but not surprised to see someone offered to help- it just speaks to the community and how willing everyone is to help out.

Troester said people can still expect all of the great things the Clayton County Fair has offered in the past, and can now put the finishing touches on preparing for day one.

The Clayton County Fair begins Wednesday, August 1.