Dubuque parks commissioners weigh in on pet-friendly facilities

A packed chamber heard from citizens on whether or not parks should be more pet friendly in Dubuque on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020. (MAGGIE WEDLAKE/KCRG)
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The Parks and Recreations Commission heard from a packed chamber in Dubuque about views on allowing pets in parks.

The department hosted the town hall as the last step in deciding whether to draft an ordinance for the Dubuque City Council to vote on. It would allow pets in all city parks.

This comes after residents took a survey on the issue.

Rebecca Kuhle, Parks and Recreation Commission chairperson, said the process is to stop the potential of citizens having issues with the ordinance in the future.

"We want to address concerns before they would happen so any citizen feedback is very important," Kuhle said.

Those against the idea argued pets can be uncontrollable and that the parks would be dirtier.

Some citizens voiced their concerns with the change, saying there need to be more amenities like water fountains and garbage cans in the parks to accommodate the pets.

Some also proposed the idea of opening more dog parks and leaving regular parks as is.