City officials say the new Mount Trashmore will become a "recreation destination"

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- It used to be the city's landfill but after months of construction, Cedar Rapids has gained a new place filled with views of the city and new recreational trails.

During Thursday afternoon's ribbon cutting ceremony, city officials called Mount Trashmore the new recreation destination of Cedar Rapids.

After the ceremony finished dozens made the trip up Mount Trashmore on bikes and on foot to try out the new and improved site.

On the top of the mountain, visitors will notice an observation deck to view the city.

That's where you can get a panoramic view of Czech Village, the River, and Newbo.

Bicyclist and hikers are now able to choose from three different trails on Mount Trashmore.

Mayor Brad Hart attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and says this was a long time coming.

"It's a long time coming because we, we're allowed to reopen this landfill site one after the 2008 flood thankfully and it's grown 30 feet since then," says Mayor Hart.

For over 50 years this was once a landfill where people tossed their trash and it's now become a recreational site for biking and hiking.

This project cost nearly $1 million to complete.

The Solid Waste Agency actually had to delay the ribbon cutting last week because of rain and road closures.

But they say Thursday's weather was perfect to open to trails to the public.