City of Dubuque hosts final goal-setting meeting

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The Dubuque City Council is meeting for their final goal setting session tonight to discuss the plan for the 2021 fiscal year.

The Dubuque City Council had three goal planning sessions this week to decide what the city's focuses are for the 2021 fiscal year in Dubuque on August 14th, 2019.

The Council is set to have a comprehensive plan by the end of tonight's meeting. They narrowed their focus areas down to about eight in the past two nights and are looking to have it down to about four to six by the end of tonight.

Mayor Buol says as of now a lot is still largely undecided, but there is a lot of talk around city infastructure as well as nonprofits.

"There's a lot of infrastructure goals and funding possibly for some nonprofits just to get their program kickstarted and just all of the things that the city has addressed; roads, housing, those types of things," Buol said.

The Mayor also said that until tonight's final push they won't know for sure the city's top priorities for the next year.