City of Cedar Rapids clarifies bike lane parking confusion

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 5:06 PM CST
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The City of Cedar Rapids says they are experiencing Issues with motorists parking in designated bike lanes along portions of 3rd Avenue Southeast.

Although, there is signage, officials say there has been confusion. The protected bike lanes start on 6th Street Southwest and go through the downtown area - all the way up to 8th Street Southeast. However, construction on some on those lanes are not finished - causing the confusion.

Thursday, crews finished putting down temporary pavement markings to help clarify the lanes.

The Paving for Progress Program Manager, Doug Wilson, says after construction all the bike lanes will have a median separating them from parking spaces. Parking meters will also be located on those medians. He says the lanes are about safety.

"It separates you from the edge of traffic, where a traditional bike lane is right next to traffic so it gives you that buffer to have a parking lane. Then, we have the raised median and the bike lane against the curb so definitely safer for bicyclists," said Wilson.

They will finish the uncompleted lanes Next Spring.

For now, they urge drivers to be cognizant that bike lanes are closest to the curb and not where vehicles should park.

Wilson also says they've been talking with businesses along that street, as well as Park CR about ticketing vehicles illegally parked.

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