Chris Bagley's family pleads for his safe return 45 days after disappearance

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WALKER, Iowa (KCRG) -- It's been 45 days since Courtney Bagley last gave her husband, Chris, a goodbye kiss as he left their Walker home for a quick trip with a female acquaintance that authorities have yet to identify. Bagley's wallet and truck were left behind.

(Courtesy: Courtney Lee)

That was December 13. Since then family, friends, and authorities have been trying to figure out what happened to the father of two, who hasn't been seen nor heard from in about a month and a half.

Investigators believe Bagley was last spotted in the Cedar Rapids area, early the next morning, December 14. Law enforcement has yet to identify who saw the 31-year-old or detail the circumstances of the sighting.

With few answers to fill the void of questions, rumors have started to swirl. Was Bagley involved in drugs? Did he run off with friends? The speculation has wreaked havoc on his loved ones.

"You don't even know what to think because it's just so bizarre," said Courtney Bagley, holding back tears in an interview with news outlets, Sunday. "Everything is just so all over the place. I don't even know where these stories come from."

Bagley's disappearance has been hardest on his wife and kids. He has a son Mason, who's eight years old and a daughter, Sophia, who is four. Bagley has now missed Christmas, New Year's and his daughter's birthday. His wife says she's trying to stay strong for the little ones.

"I'm emotional," Courtney Bagley said. "We just want him home and to resume a little bit of normalcy."

Bagley's father, Stewart Bagley, said family members have come together and raised $25,000 to help find the missing man. He put out a post online last month saying the money will be given to anyone that will "deliver Christopher to my door before January 1, 2019, or can personally take me to Christopher's location."

Bagley's father later extended the deadline following the start of the new year.

"This is cash," Stewart Bagley said. "There's no loopholes. No nothing. You bring him to my house-- you tell me where I can go pick him up, you message me when I have him-- I'll give you the cash."

Bagley has brown hair. He is five feet, 11 inches tall and weighs about 185 pounds. If you have any information or see Bagley, contact the Linn County Sheriff's Office.