Cedar Rapids U.S. Army Reserve celebrate new commanding officer

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Colonel Jeffrey LeRoy assumed the role as at the 649 Regional U.S. Army Reserve commander in Cedar Rapids Saturday morning.

His family and fellow soldiers joined him in the time-honored tradition. They passed along a set of red roses to the wife of the now former commander, Jeffrey Pugh to honor his time spent and gave the new commander's wife a set of yellow roses as a welcoming.
His comrades call the ceremony bittersweet.

"Our old commander is going to move on to bigger assignments and were also excited to welcome our new commander in as he will take us in a new direction and he will show us and teach us new things," said United States Army Captain Elizabeth Ohloff.

The ceremony also involved passing the flag from Leroy to Pugh as a symbol of the formal change of authority figure.