Cedar Rapids named host city for 2021 National Curling Championships

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 9:30 PM CDT
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The Men’s and Women’s National Curling Championships are coming to Cedar Rapids after the USA Curling Association revealed the city as its host city on Wednesday.

"My first reaction was we're thrilled this is finally happening its something we've been trying to do for a couple years," said Phil Burian, president of Cedar Rapids Curling.

Cedar Rapids hosted the Curling Arena Nationals in 2015, and Rick Patzke, the CEO of USA Curling, explained that the cities' experience in hosting events was a big factor.

“Cedar Rapids did a superb job of hosting the USA Curling Arena Nationals in 2015, and the combined support and skills of the curling club, arena staff, and tourism department should make the 2021 Men’s and Women’s Nationals another very successful event,” said Patzke in a press release.

The Arena Nationals that took place in 2015 takes place on rinks that are shared with hockey teams, meaning the ice quality isn't as good. For the event in 2021, the USA Curling Association will have to bring in a professional ice-maker to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena to make sure it is up to standards.

"They will flood it with very low particulate water," said Burian. "It's deionized and it runs through reverse osmosis, so the water is really pure. That causes the stones to interact better with the ice."

The championships will be held at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena February 6-13, 2021, and are expected to attract 200 athletes & coaches.