Cedar Rapids mother and daughter raise money to stop bullying

Published: Oct. 15, 2016 at 8:28 PM CDT
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On Saturday people knocked down some pins in hope of knocking down bullying in Iowa at an event called ‘Bowling against Bullying.’

Kathleen Yates and her daughter Claire hosted the event to raise money for an organization called Live Out Loud. The organization holds events and presentations around the world to empower youth to stop bullying in schools.

"So what we say to youth is when you walk out of this room, how do you want to be remembered? As the girl or the boy that made me cry, or as the person that lifted me up,” Live Out Loud founder Sherrie Gearheart said, “So we go through a series of steps not only for those that have been bullied but also for those that are the actually bullies."

Yates says it’s personal for her.

"I was bullied at times as a young child and dealt with a lot of issues in my childhood,” Yates said.

She says suicide needs to be talked about more in Iowa.

"Recent suicides in the Cedar Rapids area among young kids is becoming more of an issue, more of a concern and I want my daughter to help those kids,” Yates said.

"We really need it here in Iowa. Bullying is an issue, suicide is an issue in the community and we really need to break the silence and part of breaking the silence is holding these events,” Gearheart said.

She says giving the presentations to kids when they're young, could help prevent suicide later in life.

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