UPDATE: Family says Cedar Rapids shooting victim has died

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Family members of Heidi Lou Alberta Stephens tell TV9 the 33-year-old Cedar Rapids woman has died.

After being shot Monday evening, doctors declared Stephens brain dead, Wednesday. Her family says she remained on life support for organ donation until the procedures were complete.

Authorities arrested Zackary Dillon Ildefonso, 24, in connection to the homicide, Friday afternoon. He’s facing a first-degree murder charge as well as a slew of others.

A Cedar Rapids man says he had to turn over someone he's known for years to police after the man admitted to shooting a woman.

Authorities took Zackary Dillon Ildefonso into custody Friday afternoon. He’s facing a charge of first-degree murder. Officers said in a news release he shot Heidi Lou Alberta Stephens, 33, Cedar Rapids, fatally wounding her.

Last week Bob Chittick says he got a door knock from someone he hadn't seen in years.

"I let him come in and everything and we talked briefly, but then said he needed to warm up and get something to eat, and I said yeah that's fine but then you gotta go," Chittick said.

It was murder suspect, Zack Ildefonso. The old acquaintance came in and stayed with Bob a few days until Friday. On Friday he asked for a ride to Palo so he could flee the country. Chittick told him he couldn't and that's when he said Ildefonso confessed.

"He goes 'you know that shooting on 15th and 2nd?' and I go 'not really' and he goes 'yeah that shooting over there I'm the one that did the shooting,'" Chittick said, "He goes 'man they backed me up into a corner they kept coming at me and I kept telling them to stop.'"

Bob says Zack showed him the gun. It was a powerful moment that pushed Bob to finally call the police. He stalled Zack until officers could arrive-- asking him to help with an air conditioner. While they worked-- police quietly approached the home.

"I hear a "psst' and I look over and there's the K9 unit and three officers I shook my head and I stood up and I said "Zack they are here for you,'" Chittick said.

Bob says Zack put his hands up and went with authorities willingly. Something Bob says he'd do again-- regardless of the repercussions or fear of being labeled a snitch.

"More people need to stand up and speak out and do what they can to help," Chittick said.

Bob says he didn't know Heidi or her family but is now considering going to her benefit on Sunday.

TV9 reached back out to Stephens' family for their reaction to the arrest but have not heard back.

The family is having a benefit for Stephens at Cooter's bar on First Avenue Sunday from 1 to 4.