Newlyweds, both doctors, spend honeymoon fighting coronavirus

Kashif Chaudhry and Naila Shereen, both doctors, had to cancel their wedding plans in London...
Kashif Chaudhry and Naila Shereen, both doctors, had to cancel their wedding plans in London due to the spread of the coronavirus. The couple had a small wedding in New York before returning back to work. (Saturday, April 4th, 2020//KASHIF CHAUDHRY)(KCRG)
Published: Apr. 4, 2020 at 4:09 PM CDT
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Planning a wedding can be a lot of work. From picking the right dress to finding the venue and deciding on invites, it takes a lot of planning. The spread of coronavirus forced one Cedar Rapids doctor and his soon-to-be wife to cancel their wedding plans. However, the couple did tie the knot and now their honeymoon will be spent fighting the virus.

Kashif Chaudhry and Naila Shereen fell in love over their love for helping others. The two met on medical mission trips across the world. He is a heart doctor at Cedar Rapids’ Mercy Hospital and she is a chief resident rotating between hospitals in Brooklyn, New York. Their lavish, two-day wedding was planned for the end of March in London.

“We had our airline tickets, we had the venue planned, we had the food planned – we had everything planned, but then the pandemic hit and then everything changed,” Chaudhry said.

The couple had a decision to make, get married soon before the coronavirus gets worse or wait.

“It’s not safe, it’s not right, with the speed of things progressing, we decided it’s definitely going to get worse,” he said.

So Chaudhry rushed off to New York. They decided to have a small wedding at Shereen’s family’s home, while at the same time practicing social distancing. No hugs, no handshakes. They didn’t want to wait any longer.

“When you know you want to get married, you know what’s most important is to be with the ones you love. A lavish wedding is secondary that was not our priority at that point,” he said.

There was no honeymoon to Dubai and the Maldives for the newlyweds like they had wished. Just 12 hours after tying the knot, Chaudhry was headed back to work in Iowa, while his wife stayed in New York to help fight the coronavirus.

“I was also very proud of her. I knew this was very important, in her words, she said that this was her ethical and moral responsibility and I was like of course, yeah this is a priority because right now, public health comes first, especially for us as healthcare workers,” he said. “I never thought this was going to be our story, but this is what it is and it’s strange, but at the same time this is the right thing to do.”

The couple plans to have a reception with his family in London when the coronavirus passes and Shereen are hoping to find a job and move to Cedar Rapids.