Cedar Rapids business couple collecting help for Houston

The owners of a Cedar Rapids tattoo shop are loading up trailers with bottled water, clothing...
The owners of a Cedar Rapids tattoo shop are loading up trailers with bottled water, clothing and other necessities for flood victims in southern Texas.(KCRG)
Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 4:23 PM CDT
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The scenes of devastation of Houston are motivating a lot of people in eastern Iowa to look for ways to help.

And two businesses owners in Cedar Rapids decided it was time to pay back some of the assistance they got after the Cedar Rapids flooding in 2008.

Troy and Keri McDaniel own Lefty’s Tattoo located at 1449 B Ave. N.E.

Both say the shop they owned in a different location in 2008 was wiped out by flooding.

So both got a 14-foot trailer from someone they know and decided to fill it with bottled water, personal care items and other things flood victims might need and pay back the help they got nine years ago.

They put out word of their personal collection drive on social media and customers and others have started coming by to fill it up.

Troy McDaniel says another business offered use of a larger 24-foot trailer as well and they’ll try to fill that too.

He says he’s aware many charities urge cash donations instead of collection drives in similar disasters. But he has friends in a city near Houston and they tell him there with many stores closed there is a need for actual items people can use right away.

“We’re in contact with people involved in search and rescue in Beaumont, Texas. We have a direct line of communication on what’s needed down there so we’ll make it work,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel says he’s also had contact with a police department in Hewitt, Texas that put out a call for items needed for distribution. He said he was told if he could get the things they needed there, they could put them to use helping flood victims.

He plans to stop in areas outside Houston due to problems getting inside the city itself.

The McDaniels plan to collected needed items at their shop until Friday evening and will take off for drop off sites near Houston on Saturday.