Cedar Rapids business cleans up after flooding event

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- Water was receding Friday in Cedar Rapids after flooding some low-lying areas the day before.

Water surrounded D.A. Bunch Company, a painting contractor, on J Street Southwest near Prairie Creek on Thursday. Workers were able to get back to that business but the flooding was still creating issues.

The sound of water flowing on J Street was replaced Friday afternoon with the noise of a front loader moving gravel back to where it belongs in the parking area used by D.A Bunch Company.

Craig Dostal is the owner and while he admits the last several days have been stressful, on Friday he was breathing a sigh of relief. The water that flooded his property was receding back into the banks of Prairie Creek.

"We were able to keep it to just a trickle coming in the front door," said Dostal.

Dostal's building may have once looked more like an island in the middle of a brown sea but damage he reports was minimal.

"Little wet, little clean up, little silt inside the building," said Dostal.

Dostal can thank office manager Diana Musgrove for helping to make the minimal issues possible. As the waters rose Musgrove monitored creek levels so employees here could do their best to keep water out.

All that was left to do Friday was wait and see what the days ahead have in store, but in a place that is known to flood, Dostal says he thinks it is just a matter of time before water encroaches on his business again.