Cedar Rapids Muslims mourn those killed in New Zealand

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- Cedar Rapids has one of the United States' oldest Muslim communities and members are feeling the shock of the attacks in New Zealand.

The attack in New Zealand left many people shaken. Those in the Cedar Rapids Muslim community say it is a clear act of terrorism targeting their faith.

Nadia Igram lives out of state but is a regular at the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids where she grew up.

Igram says she has been touch with fellow Muslims in Cedar Rapids and right now they are feeling a great sense of pain and shock. She says the center held a prayer service Friday to mourn those who lost their lives in New Zealand.

Igram also tell us even though now is a difficult time she is choosing to focus on what she sees as the positive.

"The positive thing is that I've seen quite a few people who have come out with words of solidarity, words of unity, words of just people wanting to know that for all of the Muslims both in Cedar Rapids and really around the world that they stand with us," said Igram.

The imam of the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids declined to talk about what happened in New Zealand on-camera but described the attack as a "harsh and sad incident."

Cedar Rapids police say they have no indication that there is an increased threat to any individuals here but they will remain vigilant.