Cedar Rapids Ladd Library bonding seniors with school-aged children

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The Cedar Rapids Ladd Library wants to bond seniors with school-aged children.

The "More We Get Together" campaign kicks off on Tuesday. It's a partnership between the Cedar Rapids Ladd Library and the retirement home, "The Gardens of Cedar Rapids."

Studies show that bonding seniors and children can bring a sense of purpose and belonging for both age groups. Kids can get attention and a mentor they may lack, and older people can learn new things like how to use a tablet or phone.

The events are every Tuesday starting at 10 a.m., and last about an hour. They will have activities like storytelling, arts and crafts, reading, and a spa day. It's part of their summer DARE series which focuses on community involvement.

The program runs until the end of July.

The meetings will be held in the library’s community room. This is the first year the library is holding it.

Organizers say it's a good way to get older people out of their homes, and interacting with people they normally wouldn't be.

"Especially the older you get, and the further away from childhood, it's nice to have these reminders,” said librarian Meredith Crawford. “Especially if older adults are experiencing maybe problems with their memories, it's a way to connect to memories they have with their own lives.”

This event is only at the Ladd Library at 3750 Williams Boulevard Southwest. People who want to take part can just stop in at the library.