Cedar Rapids Curling Club holds “learn to curl” sessions

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - If you’ve tuned into the Olympics this year, you’ve probably heard of Curling.

It started in 16th century Scotland, came to North American in the 1800’s, and started as a club in Cedar Rapids just six years ago. Now the group has more than 40 members and hopes to add more.

“During the Olympics we usually see a big rush,” Vice President Lon Peper said. “It’s easy to learn and takes a lifetime to master.”

The goal of the game is simple, but the strategies could be endless.

“You try to get closest to your target, which is called the house,” Peper said. “For each stone of your color that’s closer to the center than your opponent’s closest stone, you get one point for each.”

Member Kim Peper joined the club three years ago. She still considers herself a beginner.

“They say the first five years you’re a beginner curler, and then after that you really just start to improve,” she said.

Kim has played all four positions in the sport. Lead, second, vice skipper, and skipper. She encourages others not to fear the ice, and give it a try.

“Don’t be afraid to fall, everybody falls. If you’ve watched any of the Olympics, you’ll see Olympic athletes have even fallen,” Kim said. “It’s all fun, you get back up and throw your next stone.”

It’s something members say is adaptable for anyone, and provides a social aspect as well.

“You can have wheelchair curling, kids can do it from age five, people all the way up into their 90’s are still curling,” Peper said. “You sit down after the game, and you socialize with your opponents, and have a good time.”

The club is holding “Learn to Curl” sessions February 13, February 20, February 27, and March 4. To register visit this website.