Car wash hit by 'Butt Crack Bandits' thieved for second time

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A Cedar Rapids car wash has been burglarized for a second time in under a month.

A security image from Westdale Car Wash showing one of the two burglars inside the car wash's office, Sunday morning.

Jason Mettler, the co-owner of Westdale Car Wash, located at 4115 Wilson Ave SW, posted to Facebook Sunday his facility had been thieved by two masked people, believed to be men, in the early morning hours. His post included security images of the two and the vehicle they drove, a Chevy pickup with Illinois plates reading BC 93990.

“If you recognize either of the two pictured below or the Chevy truck they are driving please let me know,” Mettler wrote in his post. “If not, please share this and hopefully together we can get these POS off the streets.”

Mettler estimated the thieves made off with around $700 in cash and did around $6,000 in damage as they broke open doors and equipment to get at the money inside.

It was only a few weeks prior that Mettler’s car wash endured about $20,000 in damage after two others burglarized the property on Christmas morning. The thieves gained notoriety and a nickname, “The Butt Crack Bandits,” after Mettler shared security footage of the larger of the two men repeatedly readjusting his pants as they slipped down, exposing a bare posterior.

On January 7, police announced they identified a suspect in the case, Logan Toomer, 28, of Cedar Rapids. He was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Toomer was already in custody at the Linn County jail after being served a warrant for different charges, the previous week. Police officers were still looking for the second thief, at last check.

Though he has insurance to help with repairs, Mettler said he was frustrated to have burglars hit his wash for a second time. Every dollar taken or spent trying to get back to normal is less money he has to buy a handicap accessible van for his daughter, who starts college in the fall.

Allie Mettler was born with spina bifida and meningocele which complicates her ability to walk. The 18-year-old uses a walker for short distances but has to rely on a motorized wheelchair for anything further. The van would give her a new kind of freedom while away at school.

“As her parents, we are unable to afford a handicap accessible vehicle with a ramp and hand controls,” the Mettlers said on the family’s GoFundMe dedicated to raising money for the van online. “Allie is trying to be more independent, she does not want to rely on her parents and friends to pick her up and drop her off at college or at work.”

Jason Mettler estimated the van would cost around $65,000, but says they’ve gathered around $30,000 to date. The GoFundMe would cover the remaining cost of about $40,000.