Business Leaders in Christ speaks after judge's ruling

Published: Jan. 25, 2018 at 9:42 PM CST
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A student group is once again an official University of Iowa organization.

Business Leaders in Christ is now able to recruit students as it focuses on its future.

"We exist to really help people in professing their faith in the workplace," Business Leaders in Christ president Jacob Estell said.

When the Business Leaders In Christ refused to allow an openly gay student to serve in a leadership role, the University stripped the group of its campus privileges. They said the group's mission conflicted with the University's policy on discrimination.

"He applied for leadership, we took him through the interview process, we realized that our faith values didn't really line up, so we deemed he could still be a member of our organization going forward," said Estell.

Monday night, a judge temporarily reinstated the group, saying the University of Iowa doesn't fairly apply it's anti-discrimination rules to other student groups.

"An environmentalist group isn't and shouldn't be required to have a climate denier as their leader just like a Muslim group shouldn't (be required to) have a Christian in their leadership roles," said Estell.

The judge's decision came just in time. The Business Leaders in Christ organization was able to participate in the student organization fair on campus Thursday, where about 15 students signed up to learn more about the club.

"That's a place we were able to get back to who we really are, and talking with new members, and looking forward to going back to serving the community," Estell said.

The university has 90 days to appeal the judge's decision.

In a statement to TV9, the university said it "respects the decision of the court and has acted accordingly."