Burlington family seeking justice for stabbing death in Playa del Carmen

Published: Nov. 12, 2018 at 8:33 PM CST
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27-year-old Taylor Kristopher Meyer's family say they need answers. Meyer's body was found on the street in Playa Del Carmen Friday. His cousin, Tracy Goetz, said Mexican authorities are giving them little to no answers on what happened leading to his death.

"This was a random act of violence," said Goetz. "They stole his shoes and his wallet."

Meyer flew to the resort town for his friend's thirtieth birthday party. All his family knows is that it happened after three in the morning while he was out with the group of about 14 people. Witnesses say he was mugged and attacked with a knife.

"We first didn't believe it," said Meyer's father, Kris Meyer. "This is news we thought it was a cruel hoax but then we confirmed it was real."

"I'm still just numb from it. I just don't understand it," said Goetz. "You hear about things like this but you just don't understand it."

This isn't the first time Playa del Carmen has been the center of this type crime. U.S. authorities announced a security travel alert after a series of shooting deaths back in March. Mexican authorities assured it was still safe.

Goetz fears authorities are trying to cover up the murder in order to not scare off tourists.

"They don't want people to know that there are murders happening like this because then people are not going to go there," said Goetz. "It needs to be known that it's not a safe place to go. It's not okay to go and the Mexican officials need to fess up to it."

Kris Meyer hopes the FBI can step in and help shed light on his son's tragic death.

"We want to know the truth," said Kris Meyer. "Good or bad, we can't bring Taylor back. We just want the truth."

Meyer's family plans to have a funeral next Saturday in California, where he was living prior to his death.