Builder in business for decades staying busy with demand for new housing

Published: Dec. 15, 2019 at 9:01 PM CST
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For 47 years, Tom Takes has been putting the finishing touches on homes.

“It’s a great industry, I mean I love the industry,” Takes said.

In that amount of time, the housing market has seen some changes.

“It's been up and down,” Takes said. “Right now, probably for the last five years, going pretty decent.”

Mark Prahm started his business, Irie Homes, two years ago.

“Anybody can put together concrete and wood, but we love to see that vision come together for the families,” he said.

A small inventory can make things tricky for realtors.

“That can tend to be our challenge, is that we don't have enough homes for sale,” said realtor Emily Prahm.

The weather also impacts builds. Mark Prahm says this year's construction season is extended with temperatures high enough to do things like dig basements and set concrete.

“You kind of just bank on getting through Thanksgiving, and if you get a couple more in after that, great, but if we're able to go into Christmastime here, or maybe a little deeper past that a couple of weeks, then that is pretty unusual,” Mark said.

While Takes isn't out in the elements much, other jobs that are delayed by weather can cut into his work time.

“When it gets down to the trim work, it gets a little more crowded, and it becomes a little more stressful, and people want to get the job done,” Takes said.

While Takes says he's technically retired, a busy market keeps him coming back to work.

“The demand right now is very good,” he said.

“We're fortunate, it is a stable market, as we like to call it, we don't see the highs and lows like you do in the larger communities,” Emily said.