Box damaged, then lost, through United States Postal Service

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CENTRAL CITY, Iowa (KCRG TV9) -- A Central City man wants answers from the U.S. Postal Service.

On March 15th, Greg Lane returned a box of car parts to E-Bay. But his package didn't make it, and was damaged. The United States Postal Service told him it sent the box to the Post Office Recovery Center in Atlanta.

Lane left messages at post offices across the country and he also filed a claim with U.S.P.S.

Greg did receive this letter back from U.S.P.S. It states, "We regret to inform you that after thoroughly searching for your mail at the Mail Recovery Center, we were unable to locate missing items."

Since Greg wasn't able to return the box of car parts he was never re-funded his money from E-Bay, he estimates he's lost about 300 dollars.

Greg admits he didn't have insurance on the box.

"I didn't have insurance on it cause I didn't think it would get damaged. You wouldn't think that an 18 pound box of steel would get hurt," Lane said.

In the letter sent to Greg, the Post Office encouraged a couple of practices for future mailings: It said to put a return address on all letters or packages, and to put a piece of paper with your name and address inside all mailings.

Workers at the Central City Post Office say they aren't authorized to speak about lost mailings.

Reporter Jordee Kalk left multiple messages with the regional and national Post Offices. Officials told her they're in the process of issuing a statement.