Iowa City Board of Adjustment votes 2-2 on Kinnick-style house

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Iowa City Board of Adjustment voted 2-2 on the construction of the Kinnick-style house Friday, meaning the house will go up in Iowa City.

The home is set to go up in a neighborhood near Kinnick Stadium. A group called the Neighbors of Manville Heights Association and property owners in the area didn't like that idea. So they appealed the city's decision, citing the home's size and potential for big parties.

In an effort to avoid the homecoming parade in town, tonight's meeting was in a different spot across town at a recycling center. The meeting only lasted about an hour and a half unlike the other two meetings that lasted close to five hours each.

The neighbors argued the city wrongly classified the house as a single-family residence. The city of Iowa City could not find enough evidence as to why the house could not be classified as a single-family residence, but opponents argued the home would be mixed-use, or used for things other than just living situations.

Each board member took turns explaining their reasoning behind their decisions. The two who did not vote in favor say the home does not fit into that single-use home description, rather was part of an entirely new category that the city needs to create rules for in the future.

There are usually five Board of Adjustment members, but only four could rule over the Kinnick-style case because one had expressed an opinion.

Gerard Rushton, a member of the Manville Heights Association says the outcome would have been different if the fifth board member had been able to vote Friday night.

“I felt it was a Pyrrhic victory for the city and the reason it was a Pyrrhic victory is because they know that if the full five board members were there, they would have lost,” Rushton said.

He says the city needs to revise its zoning ordinances to prevent similar situations from happening again.

Frederic Reed Carlson the landowner who wants to build the home was at the meeting tonight but would not comment on the board's decision.