Rep. Blum claims media bias twice in one week

Published: Sep. 2, 2018 at 12:02 AM CDT
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For a second time in a week, Rod Blum, Iowa's First District congressman, is alleging media bias.

In a Friday evening tweet, the Republican questioned the ethics of Ryan Foley, an Associated Press reporter, after he asked the congressman's staff a question about Blum's membership in a Facebook group called


In the tweet, Blum said the reporter contacted staff to "tie me to racist material being shared by random people worldwide on an open Facebook group I don't even know exists..." Blum went on to say, "This 'journalist' is obsessed w hating on Republicans & abuses his position." In addition, the congressman posted the reporter's emailed question, including his contact information.

As of Saturday afternoon, Blum's account was still listed as a member of the Facebook Tea Party group. Members frequently post politically-charged memes, such as a call for a ban of Islamic religions or criticism of the late Sen. John McCain and his daughter, referring to them as “RINO”s or Republican In Name Only.

It was earlier this week, Blum's other Twitter account went after KCRG-TV9 following an interview last year. In it, TV9's Josh Scheinblum asked Blum about a First District I.D. requirement to attend the congressman's upcoming town hall meeting.

"We want people from the First District to be at our town halls,” said Blum in the interview. “We don't want people from outside of the First District. We don't need people from Chicago there, or Des Moines there, or Minneapolis there."

Scheinblum later asked the congressman if he would still take donations from a Republican in Iowa City. Blum responded by taking off his microphone and abruptly leaving the interview.

"This is ridiculous," said Blum as he left. "This is ridiculous."

In Blum's tweet about the interview, he said Scheinblum's "biggest priority was asking me about campaign $ donated from out of state." The tweet went on to say " opponent raises 81.7% out of state. Waiting for the news story on KCRG. #MediaBias."

TV9 did, in fact, do a story about Democratic challenger Abby Finkenauer and referenced her outside contributions.

The story entitled "Finkenauer has blue-collar image with formidable campaign" reported that Republicans had targeted her from the start of the primary race, calling Finkenauer the "Democrats handpicked candidate." TV9 pointed out her campaign money is "predominately coming from out of state."

A request for comment from Blum's office wasn't immediately returned.