Bizarre election presents challenges for high school government teachers

Published: Oct. 13, 2016 at 2:59 PM CDT
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High school students are paying more attention to presidential politics than ever before, but they're not focusing on policy, according to one Eastern Iowa government teacher.

"It's an election of who do you like better? Or who do you hate least?," said Iowa City High School AP government teacher John Burkle. "It's hard."

Burkle said students are finding great interest in the latest scandals, but not about traditional topics like tax and trade policies.

"It's the most bizarre election I've ever seen," said Burkle. "Who's going to have the next bombshell, who is going to have the almost like TMZ moment?"

Burkle said he is encouraged that students are paying attention to politics outside of class, and many are following traditional news outlets for accurate information. However, he said he hopes they will start focusing more on policy before election day.

During an AP class Thursday afternoon students discussed the latest on the campaign trail, while citing sources such as network news outlets and Twitter.

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