Big changes coming to recycling in Linn County

Published: Jul. 30, 2019 at 10:50 PM CDT
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The Republic Service’s public recycling center in Cedar Rapids will be closing Thursday leaving many wondering where they will take their recyclables.

“I guess I could go to the Solid Waste Agency, put it by the curb or take it to Jones County,” said Laurie Dimmer of Anamosa.

The reason behind the closure is many aren’t educated on what can be recycled. China is no longer taking US recyclables unless the contamination level is below 1 percent.

“That’s simply not obtainable,” said Joe Horaney with the Solid Waste Agency.

Horaney said many people will now be heading to the Solid Waste Agency which is why they are posting a number of new educational posters about what can and can’t be disposed of.

“They are going to look at the bags of cans and say we don’t have time to go through all that,” he said.

A number of signs will be going up at the Solid Waste Agency to educate people looking to recycle their goods on what can and can’t be in the facility.

“Recycling is a commodity,” said Horaney. “If no one wants to buy our product then there is no market for it. A lot of the products that aren’t recyclable will just end back up at the landfill.

Horaney has a few tips for people who don’t know: keep your container clean, empty and dry. Also, when in doubt throw it out.

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