Beyond the Weather: Watching Venus

Image credit: Pexels
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A clear sky the next few nights gives us the opportunity to travel into the heavens above for a beyond-the-weather view. During the next week, take a look for a paring of Venus and the moon.

The moon moves from the waning crescent to the new phase on February 23rd. As the moon emerges as a fine crescent, it will slowly rise higher in the sky each evening and pass the planet Venus.

On February 24th, look in the western sky about 50 minutes after sunset – assuming the clouds break enough. The moon will be a very thin crescent near the horizon. On successive nights, at the same time, the moon will appear larger and higher off the horizon. During this same time, look for a very bright light in the western sky. This is the planet Venus. From the 24th through the 27th, the moon will appear to get close to and pass Venus.

Happy stargazing!