Beyond the Weather: Using the Moon

Credit: Pixabay
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Drier weather is ahead of us, and with that will come more times when the night sky is clear. So, we will be using the Moon over the next week to locate a few sights beyond the weather.

Look for the crescent moon in the western sky the next couple of nights about one hour after sunset. The Moon will be higher off the horizon each night, moving through the constellation Gemini.

By the weekend, the Moon leaves Gemini behind and pushes through the constellation Leo, the Lion. It will be close to the bright star Regulus on Mother’s Day, May 12. Timing is at least one hour after sunset.

Finally, as we move into the latter part of next week, the moon will appear to pass close to the planet Jupiter.

Happy stargazing!