Beyond the Weather: So you want to be an astronaut?

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HOUSTON, Texas (KCRG) - If you looked back at the list of jobs that I wanted when I was a kid, one career would dominate. For many years in a row, I wanted to be an astronaut. This was an exciting time for the space program that I was able to see. From the Apollo moon landings to Skylab to the Space Shuttle, I absorbed as much of it as I could. Obviously, my career path took a different route, but I am still fascinated with space and the space program.

I have good news if you are currently interested in becoming an astronaut. For the first time in four years, NASA is accepting applications. You have to act fast because the deadline is March 31. The last time, NASA received applications from 18,300 candidates. 11 graduated this year.

Here is a link to more information and the application to get you started.

Good luck!