Beyond the Weather: Planetary finds

Image: Pixabay
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - We have enjoyed some very comfortable weather throughout the state. Along with this, the sky has been clear for many nights, providing a nice view of the heavens. The moon is moving through the waxing crescent phase toward the full Harvest moon next week. The moon will be a nice jumping-off point to locate two planets in the sky through the weekend.

Find the moon in the south-southwestern sky just after dusk. Thursday night, to the left of the moon, the brightest object is the planet Jupiter. Further toward the south, you will run into another bright object: the ringed planet Saturn. Watch the moon on successive nights as it moves from the southwestern to the southern sky. It will move past Jupiter, and by Sunday, move to the left of Saturn.

Also, as you look to the southwest near the planet Jupiter, a reddish star appears lower on the horizon. This is the star Antares from the constellation Scorpius.

Happy stargazing!