Beyond the Weather: Our nearest neighbor

(Credit: NASA)
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - For the past week, many of us have relived the Apollo 11 mission. Many can pinpoint exactly where they were when they heard Neil Armstrong speak from the surface of the moon. The moon is one of the easiest targets we have in the sky. Sometime this weekend, take some time to go out and look beyond the weather at the lunar surface.

As you look at the moon, you will see dark and light areas. You’ll see two large darks areas that almost resemble a snowman. The lower circle is the Sea of Tranquility, the area targeted for the Apollo 11 moon landing. The actual landing site, Tranquility Base, is toward the lower left.

Did you also know you can see the moon during the day and not just at night? The next several days, look for the moon in the morning and midday sky. Look to the western sky any time after sunrise. The daytime moon can be seen the first few days following any full moon as long as the sky is clear.

Happy stargazing!