Beyond the Weather: Late January sights

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Here are some interesting targets for you to take a look at beyond the weather in the coming week - if we can only get the clouds to break during night sometime!

Oftentimes, we have you find the constellation Orion. It is easy to spot in the southeast evening sky. Once located, imagine a line straight through the belt toward the horizon. This brings you to the star Sirius. Using binoculars, look just below Sirius. What you will see is a small cluster of stars, M41, known as the Little Beehive.

Starting this weekend and continuing through next week, look to the southwest an hour after sunset. Watch the progression of the phase of the moon each night. In addition, the moon will pass a very bright Venus. Just below Venus - but unable to be seen with an unaided eye - is the planet Neptune.

Happy stargazing!