BEWARE: That RV may be the Iowa State Patrol

The Iowa State Patrol and many law enforcement agencies are taking part in a special traffic enforcement effort beginning Friday evening.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - An RV driving Iowa's highways isn't looking for a camping spot. The drivers are actually Iowa State Patrol troopers.

The Iowa State Patrol says it is using an RV to step up enforcement of Iowa's new distracted driving law. That law, which took effect July 1, allows law enforcement to pull over a driver to issue a citation for texting and driving. Iowa's previous law did not allow law enforcement to stop a driver just for texting and driving, the officer needed to have another reason like speeding or an unfastened seat belt.

Often motorists are on the lookout for marked law enforcement vehicles and uniformed officers so that they can quickly put their phone down until they are no longer in sight," a release from the Iowa State Patrol said.

Troopers are now using new tactics to observe drivers texting behind the wheel without being seen. One such project involved plain clothes Troopers in an RV looking for offenders. Iowa DNR officers have also been used to look for people texting behind the wheel, then reporting it to a trooper.