Better Business Bureau warns beware of these summer scams

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The weather is warming up, but so are some summer scams.

According to the e-commerce fraud prevention firm Forter, travel fraud rose by 16 percent in 2017, thanks to new booking technologies.

Before you click on that deal, the Better Business Bureau says you should do your research.

Summer is usually a time for people to relax in the sun, maybe even head to the beach, but the Better Business Bureau warns, be wary if you get an e-mail offering free cruises or airline travel.

You want to make sure it's a legitimate company because a lot of those ads you'll see could actually be a scam.

"When you're clicking through on the internet, make sure you're getting an HTTPS, the S means secure and they'll also be a lock - padlock up there as well, when you give them your credit information that is a secure website," says Bobby Hansen with the Iowa Better Business Bureau.

Hansen says you should make sure you check out some of the reviews online for travel sites.

And avoid those instant discounts created to draw people in.

An outdoor concert -- or a music festival is another popular event scammers may try to prey during the summer.

The Better Business Bureau says you should do some research on the website you are getting your tickets from.

Be aware of fake third party sites asking you to wire money.

Sold out shows are a time when scammers prey on unsuspecting victims.

Sometimes consumers have reported getting no tickets at all -- while others get a counterfeit ticket.

"So if you're really concerned about it, you might call the venue and show them the ticket, you can take a picture on your phone, send them the picture and say is this a legitimate ticket before you risk the embarrassment and you the disappointment of not being able to get into the show," says Hansen.

There was a case of fake concert tickets just this past April in Dubuque.

Natrell Jackson, who is from Chicago, tried to sell fake Willie Nelson tickets for the Five Flags Center concert on Craigslist and police arrested him on forgery and theft charges.

The Better Business Bureau says some of the other scams you should avoid this summer include:

* Door-to-Door: Be cautious of door-to-sales requiring money up front or work without written contracts.
* Summer Jobs: employers requiring a fee for training.
* Moving Scams: make sure you research moving company or you could be paying more than you expect.

The Better Business Bureau also recommends clicking HERE to see if it's a legitimate business you are researching.