New Horizons Band gives people the opportunity to never stop playing

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 8:29 PM CST
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A group is banding together in eastern Iowa to share their love for music.

The New Horizons Band is made up of members, but you can only join if you fill their one requirement.

Every week you will find the New Horizons Band at Loras College to master their craft. No auditions required, no professional experience necessary. Just a desire to play their instruments.

The ensemble made up of flutes, trumpets, tubas, and clarinets, first banded together in 2009.

But the band is not for everyone.

There is room for any band instrument, but members have to be 50 years old or older.

For those who chose to give the group a try, they say they joined because they missed the days of being in their school band.

"I've always been involved in music and enjoyed music for the music part of it," Jeff Eagan, a trumpet player in the band said. Eagan joined the band in 2009. "But at the same time, I've always enjoyed music for the time when the horn is away from your face. And just the clowning around and the having fun and the social aspects of it. And to me, that's always been just as important as the music itself."

Since the group has gotten together, those who organize the band say they have seen a great comradery among members that has been contagious for newcomers.

There are bands similar to this one across the country, but they all aim to provide a unique experience.

Here in Dubuque, the band focuses on taking members who love music but also being with a group that shares that love.

Their band director says their main goal of the program is to give older adults the opportunity to do something they are passionate about, to enjoy each other, and the music.

"A lot of the players haven't played since high school, and they heard about this group because we're an over fifty group," Glenn Pohland, who has been the band director for five years said. "And so many of them put their horns away when they were done with high school, and came back to it. And remembered how much fun they had with it. So it's just joy, we play for fun."