Baby McKenna recovering from softball injury

Picture of Baby McKenna from the Healing for McKenna Facebook page.
Picture of Baby McKenna from the Healing for McKenna Facebook page.(KCRG)
Published: May. 21, 2018 at 11:01 AM CDT
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A baby girl from Waverly hit in the head by a ball at a softball game is showing signs of progress.

In updates, her family says baby McKenna has stopped seizures and is getting an arterial line on her hand removed. Doctors are trying to have the infant awake as much as possible.

At 7-weeks old, McKenna was hit in the head by an overthrown ball that went into the stands on May 2. She was air lifted to the Mayo Clinic for surgeries skull fractures and two brain bleeds.

Here are the updates from the Healing for McKenna Facebook page


Morning Update 05/21/2018 - McKenna had a good night! Other than some discomfort with the vent tube, in which they gave her Fentanyl, she rested well.

McKenna did excellent on her third Spontaneous Breathing Trial and went for the full two hours. The word is that they will wait until Wednesday to extubate for a couple of reasons. One, they want to give her time to regain her strength after what happened Saturday and two, they want to see how she does going back to having the phenobarbital every 6 hours instead of every 4. They really want to have her as awake as possible, while remaining seizure-free before they attempt extubation.

They are removing the arterial line in her right hand, as I type this. She had a leak in it that soaked her bedding and since she's no longer receiving any BP meds or anything they're having to consistently push, they decided on removal. So, no more club hand! Yay!

She definitely has more awake periods and her eyes are wide open. She tracks Kassy's face and voice. One thing we have noticed is some Nystagmus, which is the brain's lack of control over eye movement. As McKenna looks to her right, her eyes make some darting movements upward and towards the side. However, she does not do this when she looks to her left. A couple of things could be causing this, one of course, is her head injury. However, anti-seizure medications can also cause Nystagmus and since we have seen a reduction in it since even last night, we are hoping it will decrease even further as they decrease the Phenobarb.

Other than that, everything remains the same and we're praying she does well with the reduction in the Pentobarb. She is making some great strides and is coming back to us more and more as each day passes. And for that we could not be more grateful. ❤️ - Laura


QUICK EVENING UPDATE 05/20/18: McKenna had a great day! No more seizures since last night. We did get confirmation that they were in fact seizures and not just the activity they had been seeing earlier this week. Neuro feels confident that it was because of her being stimulated by the extubation and reintubation yesterday morning.

She was up quite a bit today with her eyes wide open and seems to definitely be more aware. With that awareness comes some discomfort with the tube and she was doing some coughing and grimacing. If she seems to get increasingly uncomfortable they may give her something to relax her a little. She is moving her legs quite a bit, as well as having bowel movements.

The doctors took her off the Bumex, which was for the fluid positivity and have been satisfied with her urine output. McKenna has made some really big strides this week and the staff are encouraged by her progress.

It sounds like they may try to extubate her again in the morning, depending upon how she does with her Spontaneous Breathing Trial at 4:00 a.m. CST. They feel confident that the upper airway collapse she experienced yesterday was just from the tubing irritating her. She still has a leak, which is space around the tube in her airway and she is moving plenty of air. McKenna has been consistently breathing over the vent, so these are all positive signs that she is probably ready to try again. We will keep you posted! We will need our prayer warriors on stand by if they should try to extubate tomorrow, but it will probably be mid-morning or so. The sooner we can get her off the vent, the better it is for her.

Thank you all so much again for your continued prayers! McKenna really did have a wonderful day today! After yesterday, it was certainly a relief! And if you're American Idol fans... McKenna's favorite idol and the girl from her Daddy's hometown is Maddie Poppe. McKenna says: "Vote for Maddie!" 😉 See you all in the morning! ❤️ - Laura

Here are the updates from the Healing for McKenna Facebook page