BBB warns of gift card scams

Published: Dec. 10, 2018 at 1:09 PM CST
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is warning people of a new scam involving gift cards.


says they expect gift card spending to reach an estimated $27.6 billion this holiday season. That number will be made up of, on average, a gift card purchaser buying four gift cards worth roughly $45 each.

The BBB says people should look at the gift carde before purchasing it in the stores. If the PIN number is exposed, or the packaging has been tampered with, grab a different one.

Sometimes scammers write down the numbers associated witht he card, then put it back on the shelves and wait until someone buys it. Once a customer purchases the card, then the scammer uses the number online and wipes the gift card clean before the customer can even use it.

The BBB also wants to remind people to be cautious if you buy a gift card from a third party. You might receive a gift card that has no value, is expired, or was obtained illegally.

They also say no company will ask for a payment via gift card and if you receive a call that ask for one, hang up. Sometimes scammers use scare tactics and try to threaten people with jail time if you don't pay them immediately with a gift card.