National Guard deployed to Eagle Pass, Texas, in response to migrant caravans

EAGLE PASS, Texas (CNN) - Thousands of federal, state and local authorities have set up base in Eagle Pass, Texas, southwest of San Antonio.

That includes ground troops, helicopters, and high powered patrol boats.

This increase in security is in response to the nearly 2-thousand Central American migrants trying to find asylum in the U-S.

Authorities at the border say they are preparing for whatever comes their way.

"Part of our preparations include installation of temporary impediment measures on our bridges such as Conex boxes, concertina wire and Jersey barriers," said Paul Del Rincon, the port director of Eagle Pass.

Authorities say no one from the group tried to cross over just yet.

The Mexican government is also using its military and national police to keep the caravan members from crossing.

Right now, the migrants are staying in an old warehouse-- turned into a shelter.