Authorities close eight Linn County roads due to flooding

LINN COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG) Parts of eastern Iowa are starting to flood as most of the snow is gone and the rain keeps falling. High river levels caused roads to close throughout eastern Iowa, including eight in Linn County.

Emergency management said the flooding is pretty widespread, too.
It's not only targeting low-lying areas, but pooling up anyway near small creeks and softening up the roads themselves. Officials say it could still get worse in coming weeks.

Emergency management is advising drivers to be extra careful in rural areas because of not only the water itself but the time it might take for authorities to respond there, too.

"Speeds are higher in the rural areas and sometimes if not all roads get blocked immediately so sometimes it takes somebody calling and a county or state worker recognizing the roads are in bad shape to block the roads off," said Linn County Emergency Management Operations Officer Tom Ulrich.

Authorities are asking people to report any bad roads but to turn around if they do see water to avoid getting stuck.