Area shelters look to make room for more animals and bring people in

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG) - The Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo is hosted their annual “Clear the Shelter” program this weekend to bring people out to the shelter as well as help make room for more animals in need of care.

Area shelters look to make room for more animals and bring people in

Co-Director of the shelter, Kristy Gardner said they usually have 75-100 animals in the shelter at a single time. Not all of them are able to be adopted out right away.

However, fees on a number of animals are making it a little easier for people to adopt.

“She seems really sweet and has a pretty color,” said Connie Gergen of Janesville.

Gergen is one of many checking out what animals the shelter has up for adoption. She decided to bring home Willow, a three-year-old cat.

“We like to adopt because these animals don’t have a home,” she said.

Gardner says the summer months are even more difficult on shelters as more cats are coming in.

“We’ve had a number of cats come in as well as several dogs,” Gardner said.

Gardner explained many of the dogs can’t be adopted out until they have been checked in for any health issues.

“Usually animals that come in our door are sick or injured so they can’t be placed for adoption,” she said. “We have to have the resources to be able to help them”

In order to help more and more of the animals that are coming in, more and more animals need to be adopted out.

“I’ll make sure she gets everything she needs,” said Gergen.

The humane society will be open on Sunday. Application fees for dogs are $90 and cats are $5. Donations from a number of area businesses have made it so 17 cat applications have been waived.