Area brides, bridal stores looking for new dresses after wedding dress manufacturer Alfred Angelo shuts down

Published: Jul. 25, 2017 at 9:53 PM CDT
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Kristie Sommerfeld is holding out hope that her wedding dress will arrive before the big day.

She is one of thousands of women across the country who are scrambling for answers after a wedding dress store suddenly closed.

Earlier this month, Alfred Angelo suddenly shut down after saying it went bankrupt.

Sommerfeld said she thought wedding planning was going well; until she got a phone call from an Alfred Angelo Signature Store notifying her that she might not get her wedding dress.

Sommerfeld said the employee had, "no information about my dress or anything really, you know I was asking about a refund or if I'd get my dress or if it'd be the quality that you know I had ordered, and she had no information for me at all."

She was told to email the company and wait for a response.

"You know it's thousands of thousands of brides that it happened to so obviously I'm sure my name's gonna get lost in the big grand scheme of things," Sommerfeld said.

In the meantime, she's going with plan B.

She said, "I'm just looking for qualities that my other dress had, so like long sleeves. Since I'm getting married in January I really want long sleeves."

It's not just bride's impacted by this; Cheryl-Ann Bridals and Tuxedos in Dubuque had many orders out to the company for bridesmaids dresses.

Employee Courtney Tuthill said when she heard the news, she immediately, "was on every vendor website, I had all of our orders in front of us like okay I need a navy V-neck, I need a purple strapless, I need this, I need that."

Tuthill says looking through their racks and websites they've been able to find replacement dresses, with no cost to the bridesmaids and brides.

She said, "whatever the bridesmaids had already put down we weren't changing prices. We wouldn't charge you more, we're getting you something else for the price you had already been quoted. So nobody needs to worry about rush costs, nobody needs to worry about anything like that. We will get them here and it's on us."

They're all trying to stay positive through what could be a bride's worst nightmare.

Sommerfeld said, "it's not the end of the world. Everything will be okay."

Tuthill says their store does have a few Alfred Angelo bridal gowns left. Any bride wanting to look through them can look at pictures on

Bride's looking for answers from Alfred Angelo are told to email the company at