April Student of the Month: Pavin Esbaum

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 5:35 AM CDT
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A lot of underclassmen look up to seniors as leaders in their school. 18-year-old Pavin Esbaum takes that in stride. The Senior at North Cedar is rehearsing for a career in teaching music as a leader in his band room, church, and community. He's the top trumpet player in his high school, who has been practicing his love of music for years.

"We had a church kids choir that I did, so it kind of started with that and it transpired into band and into high school choir, too," he says.

Esbaum is a natural leader for the band, directing his classmates as a drum major. He also directs younger bands. "The other day, I had him directing the junior high band," says band director Jill Powers. "It was really fun and those kids were super excited that a high schooler was spending time with them. "

When his church music director fell ill the night before last year's Christmas concert, Esbaum stepped up to help an hour before the performance. "I got there and I had no clue what was going to happen, so I walk in and all of a sudden everybody turns and stares at me because I was the drum major this year in marching band and I had conducted band before. "

He now directs his church choir on a regular basis and gives his all to help with bible school and various groups at the high school. "Everybody knows that about Pavin. He's super dedicated to everything," says Powers.

"People just kind of stay to themselves and focus on what they want to do which is good, but it's always good to help people when there's a place to be helped," says Esbaum.

He also excels in the classroom learning Spanish and another culture. Esbaum says it will support his dream of teaching the universal language of music. "There are a lot of Spanish speaking kids in classes these days so any way that we can better connect with our students and teacher makes the classroom a better place," he says.

He hopes to inspire students to pursue what they love, which is something his teachers have taught him along the way. Esbaum plans to attend Wartburg College with a major in Music Education and a possible minor in Spanish. He says all of the band directors who have inspired him are Wartburg graduates.