Another round of work on Collins Road set to start

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG TV9)- Road construction starts on one of the busiest streets in Cedar Rapids next week. And that work on Collins Road will last at least two years.

A piece of construction equipment sits next to Collins Road near Lindale Mall. A road project expected to take the better part of two construction seasons begins on Monday.

The project will cost about $7.5-million dollars and it will stretch from Northland Ave to Twixt Town Road. That is basically the entire length of Lindale Mall.

Both drivers and pedestrians will eventually notice the improvements. Drivers will benefit from extra left turn lanes to get onto Collins Road from retail areas.

And pedestrians will see some new sidewalks along Collins Road. New pavement is part of the project as well as landscaped medians.

Nate Kampman, Cedar Rapids city engineer, says there’s no way to avoid disruption on such a heavily traveled street. But work will be limited during holiday shopping periods.

And Kampman says the results should be worth the wait on what’s widely considered one of the biggest traffic bottleneck areas in the city.

“It will reduce congestion and improve traffic operations in the area and it will be a great improvement for pedestrians who want to use the area,” he said.

Between 25,000 and 30,000 vehicles a day use Collins Road. Work on the project will start next Monday.