Animal lovers learn more about laws and get organized at library

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CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Animal lovers and activists are preparing for a big day at the statehouse.

They had a meeting at the Coralville Public Library this afternoon called Understanding Iowa's Animal Welfare Laws. Panelists discussed current laws and what they want to change in the laws.

They say they are sick of what keeps happening to animals in the state.

One woman who showed up at the event says she was moved to get involved after the recent animal case in Vinton.

Authorities rescued hundreds of animals from a home in Vinton. A court later ruled all but 14 were neglected.

"I've seen it happen and I just want to be a part of the change part now." Brooke Pettengill said.

Members of the lobbyist group Iowa Voters for Companion Animals spoke at the meeting urging the attendees to call their lawmakers.

"We really want our companion animals in Iowa to be adequately protected so the laws and the regulations to reflect the ideals of Iowa citizens," Haley Anderson said.

The group supports a new bill that would adjust some breeder licensing fees and also change wording in state inspections. They are planning a lobby day at the state capitol February 20.

Groups like the American Kennel Club have come out against similar bills in the past. They warn that the heightened license fees will be too much for some breeders to bear.