Animal activists protest outside of Waterloo home

Published: Nov. 26, 2016 at 6:35 PM CST
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A group of people want answers from the city of Waterloo and animal control after they say an abused dog died after the city did not step in.

Dozens stood outside of a home on Upton Avenue Saturday holding signs and demanding answers.

"It's infuriating, it's absolutely infuriating it hurts,” Clint Fuller who lives nearby said.

He says he and many other animal rights activists called the city and animal control for six weeks after finding out a boxer was left chained up in the back yard without adequate shelter or food.

"The dog was obviously in distress, he obviously needed help. He was crying during the night especially when it would get real cold because he was hungry because he was cold probably he was scared,” Diann Helmers said.

Speaking for animal control, the city attorney said officers visited the home multiple times. They saw there was food and shelter and have seen vet records for the pet.

The protesters say they want to see those records.

"There's more than enough evidence that this dog died emaciated, hungry, cold and starving. I don't care what age the dog is none of them deserve to die from starvation. The photos that you see on these signs are of the dog we don't know what happened to him after that,” Fuller said.

Thirty minutes into the protest animal control and Waterloo police showed up at the home telling protesters they were going to search the home. They waited two hours for the owner to arrive before officials looked through the home. Protesters who stayed on scene say police did not find anything.

Some are calling on more action from animal control in all of the animal abuse cases it handles.

"These people need to step up and do their job or find other employment and the city council needs to do their job and remove these people that aren't doing their job,” Helmers said.

The city attorney tells TV9 it will continue looking into the situation on Monday and Tuesday this week.