UPDATE: Anamosa high school students return to school after safety concern

Published: Feb. 15, 2018 at 11:15 AM CST
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Authorities tell TV9 around 11:30 a.m. a student found "There is a bomb" written in a bathroom stall.

Students were then moved to an off-site location so authorities could search the building.

A bomb-sniffing K9 and bomb technicians searched the building after students and staff were evacuated this morning.

No evidence of an explosive device was found and authorities believe it was an isolated incident.

An 'all clear' was given around 1:40 p.m. and students returned to school.

The Superintendent Lisa Beames says she is proud of the student for reporting the writing. She says they take these things serious every day.

“I'm proud of the students, I'm proud of the staff. They all did what was expected of them, what we have instructed them to do in this case and I'm proud of our community for the support they provided us during this, and appreciate the time and energy and resources that went into making sure that our facility is safe,” Beames said.

Anamosa Police Chief Robert Simonson said the school shooting that happened in Florida affected how they responded to the incident today.

He said, “that certainly heightened everybody's response, everybody's attitude towards this today. That was a horrific incident in Florida and you know to have something like this come up and happen the day after, it's pretty difficult."

The Anamosa Police Department, Monticello Police Department, Jones County Sheriff's Office, Marion Police Department, Anamosa Fire Department, and Anamosa Ambulance Service assisted at the scene of the incident.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.



Anamosa High School students are being relocated as to a safety concern.

Parents received a text message from the school district that said "All high school students are being relocated as a precautionary measure due to a security concern. ALL STUDENTS ARE SAFE!"

The district confirmed with TV9 that they sent the message and this is the only information they are releasing at this time.

Stay with TV9 for the latest update as we have crews on the scene.