Alleged puppy mill owner wants 13 animals back

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MANLY, Iowa (KCRG) -- The owner of an alleged puppy mill in north central Iowa says she wants 13 of her dogs back.

Nearly 170 Samoyed dogs were found at an inhumane commercial breeding facility in northern Iowa. (ASPCA)

Charges are pending against that owner, who TV9 is not naming. On November 12th authorities raided the White Fire Kennel near Manly, Iowa, and seized 154 dogs and four cats. Most of the dogs were Samoyeds. A Worth County petition says the rescuers found water and food for the animals frozen. Witnesses say the kennel owner's home smelled like ammonia and feces, smells that were irritating to the lungs and eyes.

The owner claims her care for the animals was sufficient. And she wants authorities to return the three dogs and four cats they took from inside her home, plus an additional six dogs that were in an outdoor kennel. The county petition says authorities believe the 13 animals should be turned over to the sheriff's department.

Fifty of the other dogs are now in shelters and ready for adoption. The owner is scheduled to have a court appearance on Monday.